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Committed to Excellence

Aaron Cruz is passionate about Baseball! It is through his love of the game that pushes him to continually improve on his craft and stretch his potential to be his personal best on the field. Although Aaron is often acknowledged by professional trainers and collegiate scouts as a rising talent, he continues to remain humble as a student of the game and stays focused on delivering outstanding performances; whether in practice or in play.

Aaron Cruz is dedicated to perfecting every aspect of his game. He has made a personal commitment to strive for excellence and welcomes the hard work that comes with it. Check out his highlight video and see him in action!

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More About Aaron Cruz

As one of the most advanced players in high school baseball, Aaron Cruz attributes much of his success to good old-fashion hard work. In training he shows up to the field early and is always one of the last players to leave because he is convinced that talent with a driven spirit is unstoppable!

His hope is that recognition of his hard work can position him as an inspiration to baseball players of all ages and that he can serve as a role model for younger players that are just being introduced to the game.

Gahr High School Baseball Team

Aaron Cruz is a proud member of the Gahr High School Baseball Team in Cerritos, Ca. The Gahr Gladiators have a rich tradition of fostering skillful players and instilling fundamental sportsmanlike conduct; on and off the field.

Even though Aaron is scheduled to graduate from their baseball club in the year 2019, he is already grateful for the rewarding experience he has received playing with his coaches and teammates.

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